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Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) consists in capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) — which is emitted during the burning of fossil fuel in thermal power plants, oil refineries and other facilities — and then in transporting and storing it.

The project is aimed at evaluating the current and developing technologies used for capturing and storing the CO2 released by coal-fired thermal power plants, especially in China, which is a great coal consumer. Based on this evaluation, the most promising technologies will be identified and applied to the electricity and fuel sectors in Brazil. Afterwards, a research roadmap will be developed and will indicate:

•The most appropriate CCS technologies for research and development in coal-fired thermal power plants in Brazil;

•The opportunities to develop these technologies, including the marginal costs with the reduction of the greenhouse gas emitted by coal-fired thermal power plants;

•Possible carbon sinks in order to store carbon dioxide.
In order to conclude this part of the project, it will be necessary to define the technology to be used and elaborate a technical project showing the process of carbon capture and storage.