CENTRO CHINA BRASIL Mudanças climaticas e Tecnologias Inovadoras para Energia



• March, 2010 – “Brazil China Workshop on Renewable Energy”.
- Large delegation of Brazilian government officials from different agencies and ministries.
- Focused on biofuels and renewable energy.

• May 2010 – “International Cooperative Conference on Green Economy and Climate Change”.

- Support to the organizers of the Conference.
- More than 30 speakers, including former prime-ministers and ministers from over 20 countries.

• June, 2010 – “Official Signing of the Agreement between FINEP and COPPE to support the Center”, Expo Shanghai, China.

- President of FINEP officially announced the support to the Center implementation
- Presence of a large delegation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil.

• August, 2010 – “II Seminar of the China Brazil Center for Climate Change and Energy Technology Innovation”, COPPE, Rio de Janeiro.

- A large group of professors from Tsinghua visited COPPE.
- Close relationship with Brazilian Academia, companies and government.
- Visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia.

• September, 2010 – “World Bioenergy Symposium”, Suzhou, China.
- The Center was a co-sponsor and had a presentation about the Center.
- Organized a session on the possibilities of joint projects between Brazil, China and Africa.

• October, 2010 – “Addressing Climate Change and South-South Cooperation on Science and Technology”, Tianjin, China.

- The Center represented Brazil with the COPPE representative and help from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- First technical meeting on technology transfer of the BASIC.

- Side event at the UNFCCC meeting.


• January 2009 – “China Brazil Forum on Climate Change and Energy Technology Innovation”, Tsinghua University.

- Presentations by Brazilian and Chinese professors and government officials.
- Participation of companies.


• July 2008 – “Sustainable Development: The Next Step for the Sino-Brazilian Cooperation” , Tsinghua University, China.

- First meeting to arrange for the creation of the Center.
- Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the 2 universities.
- Introduction of research and development by both institutions in the area of sustainable development and renewable energy.