CENTRO CHINA BRASIL Mudanças climaticas e Tecnologias Inovadoras para Energia

A Sino-Brazilian Technology Partnership

The China – Brazil Center for Climate Change and Energy Technology Innovation is a technological and academic cooperation between Coppe/UFRJ — which is the major engineering research center in Latin America — and Tsinghua University, which is the most important Chinese university in the field of engineering.

The Sino-Brazilian partnership is concentrated on climate change and technologies focused on energy innovations. The two institutions formed a partnership in order to face the biggest challenges in the 21st Century, i.e. to make energy production compatible with the planet environmental protection.

Sponsored by FINEP, the Brazilian Innovation Agency, the Brazil-China Center began its activities in January 2009. The Center has an office at Tsinghua University, in Beijing, where the activities are coordinated and from where contacts are established with the Chinese and Brazilian companies interested in the technologies developed by the two countries.

The Center’s mission

The Brazil-China Center for Climate Change and Innovative Energy Technologies is aimed at:

Formar Recursos Humanos, por meio do intercâmbio de alunos de doutorado, professores e pesquisadores; e

Establishing technological and scientific cooperation in the fields of Climate Change and Innovative Energy Technologies;

Training new professionals by encouraging academic interchange among doctorate students, professors and researchers;

Formulating strategies and plans of action, to help the Brazilian and Chinese governments make decisions in the engineering and environmental areas.

Organizational Chart



1) Executive Board
  • China: He Jiankun – Chairman
  • Liu Dehua – Director
  • Zhu Bing – Academic Representative
  • Brazil: Luiz Pinguelli Rosa – Chairman
  • Segen Farid Estefen – Director
  • Aquilino Senra Martinez – Academic Representative
2) Advisory Board


  • Cláudia Valle – MPX
  • Beatriz Espinola – Petrobras
  • João Nogueira – Director, Department of Energy Solutions, Vale
  • Marcos Paulo Veríssimo – Chief of Staff to the President of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
  • Cláudio Leal – BNDES Planning Superintendent
  • Luiz Pinguelli Rosa – COPPE/UFRJ Director
  • Aquilino Senra Martinez –COPPE Vice-Director
  • Segen Farid Estefen – COPPE/UFRJ Vice-Director for Technology and Innovation
  • Marco Túlio Cabral – Embassy of Brazil


  • Liu Dehua,Tsinghua University
  • He Jiankun, Tsinghua University
  • Liu Wenqiang, Department of Industry and Information Technology
  • Li Yuhong, Tsinghua University
  • Zhuang Huiyong, General Manager/Research Professor, Department of Science and Technology, National Biomass Energy Co., Ltd, China
  • Cheng Hongbing, Vice-General Manager, XJ Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd, China
  • Administrative Deputy General Manager, XJ Wind Power Technnology Co., Ltd, China
  • Yan Jianxiao, XJ Wind Power Technnology Co., Ltd, China
  • Zhang Bryan, XJ Wind Power Technnology Co., Ltd, China
  • Du Wei, Universidade de Tsinghua
  • Henrik Lundkvist, Novozymes China
Board of Joint Research Project (CPPC)
The Board is formed by professors, researchers and company representatives who are chosen by Brazil and China to evaluate projects on specific topics.